Twins Talk Theatre

Twins Cynthia Hennon Marino and Stacy Hennon Stone host a weekly podcast talking to the people behind the curtains. Take a trip back stage to learn what it takes to put on a production: design process, music study and execution, paperwork, meetings, management, unions, and all the excitement backstage that the audience doesn’t get to see. Enjoy the show!

002 - Chris Gilbert

September 22nd, 2017

This week we welcome Chris Gilbert, the Director of Sales and Development at Palos Verdes Performing Arts. He joins us today to talk about how he got into theatre, how he transitioned to back stage from acting, the community it creates, and more!

Cynthia Hennon Marino (NYC) and Stacy Hennon Stone (Long Beach, CA) are twins who both work in the production/back stage side of theater. Their podcast talks to others in this world who have a great amount of knowledge, connections and stories to share about what it takes to make it, what different roles are, and anything else that comes up.

Producer: Willis Kai Stone


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