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Twins Cynthia Hennon Marino and Stacy Hennon Stone host a weekly podcast talking to the people behind the curtains. Take a trip back stage to learn what it takes to put on a production: design process, music study and execution, paperwork, meetings, management, unions, and all the excitement backstage that the audience doesn’t get to see. Enjoy the show!

065 - Danielle Ranno

December 28th, 2018

Why would someone with 7+ years of professional stage management experience, both her AEA and AGMA cards and year round employment decide to go back to school to get her MFA in Stage Management? So she could write a book on Opera Stage Management! Tune in to this week's podcast to learn how Danielle Ranno is at home in both musical theatre and opera, how to fake it until you make it, and an outline for a future (much needed) book!




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064 - Ashley Flowers and Eric Hart

December 21st, 2018

Ashley Flowers and Eric Hart are both amazing prop masters with some of the best stories. Who else so easily switches from fake food, different kinds of blood and safety with weapons on stage? All with a smile on their face? These two host their own podcast called "Silk Flowers and Papier Mache Hearts" where they go into more detail on a weekly bases. We did pick up some great tips. Always check for food allergies with the cast before providing food. Always stress the important of weapon handling and safety. And a big one, you can never communicate too much or give too much information to props people.

You can follow them both on Facebook and Instagram. And make sure to check out their web page and podcast at



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063 - Christie Kelly

December 14th, 2018

063_-_Christie_Kelly.jpgChristie Kelly​ met Cindy as a driver for the last 2 seasons at Opera Philadelphia​ where she managed to drive a 26' truck around the old city, with a recently broken foot! For the first year at least.

But don't let that fool you. Christie is a Broadway veteran (revival of Man of LaMancha); knows how to do scenic painting the old school way; learned to do wig design and maintenance on the spot and even spends time in craft services. We are pretty sure there is nothing she can not do. At one point she was called in to "straighten bow ties" on a Discovery Channel​ documentary on Abraham Lincoln. But when they learned she was a wiz at wigs, they gave her a cheap wig in a bag, and 45 minutes she gave them back a stunning Lincoln wig.



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062 - Larry and ‘Phie Mura

December 7th, 2018


It's a small world after all! Larry and 'Phie Mura met Stacy at Long Beach Playhouse, but they both grew up in Binghamton, NY where Cindy worked for a few years at Tri Cities Opera (Phie even says all her family has been in various productions of Carmen!) Larry and 'Phie met at Ithica College where they both graduated with a theatre degree. Soon after the ventured across the country to Long Beach, CA.
The Mura's open "Christmas Carol" at the Long Beach Playhouse on December 8th, which is their own adaptation of the classic that Larry directed and 'Phie choreographed.
Get tickets now at!



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