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Twins Cynthia Hennon Marino and Stacy Hennon Stone host a weekly podcast talking to the people behind the curtains. Take a trip back stage to learn what it takes to put on a production: design process, music study and execution, paperwork, meetings, management, unions, and all the excitement backstage that the audience doesn’t get to see. Enjoy the show!

042 - Twins - Harassment in the Workplace

June 29th, 2018

Today we talk about the serious issue of harassment in the workplace. We cover many different kinds of harassment, ways to identify them, and ways to report harassment. Harassment is a very serious issue, and by speaking about it we hope to bring understanding around it as well as encourage people experiencing harassment to bring it to light. Harassment is not acceptable and everyone has a right to a safe working environment.

There are various tools at your disposal to understand and report harassment in the workplace. In the United States, one of the main places to go to is the EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is a federal agency that has various documents about harassment that you can read to help you understand your rights under the law. Some states have individual laws and rules that expand upon the federal laws. Below we have provided a few examples, but please look for more about your state, or your country.


EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commision


Filing a charge:
California Department of Fair Employment and Housing


Workplace Harassment Guide:

Filing a complaint:


New York State Department of Labor



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041 - Sally Adams

June 22nd, 2018

Today we have Sally Adams on the Podcast. We learn that from a early age she was already drawn to contemporary work.  She sang in a choir with Allen Pote, a modern choral composer.  Also, she previously taught kids at Holland Hall to continue using their imagination as they grow and develop.  And has 3 very successful children whom are award winning playwrights.

Did you catch Cindy on episode 41 of SallyPal Podcast? If you haven't, head on over to to have a listen and check out her other episodes and blogs!

And did you notice the episode numbers of both of our podcasts? A happy coincidence!



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040 - Kyrra Gelinas

June 15th, 2018

On today's episode we have Kyrra Gelinas! Kyrra was running down the theatre aisles at age 6 to see what the sound designer was doing while her sister was on stage.  Her love of the arts and curiosity for all things has not stopped growing.  Though she chose to go to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a dream to join NASA or Space X, she still calls theatre her home and family.  She says they are connected to her;  The theatre takes you away for a few hours, and space travel will physically take you away.

Enjoy the show! 



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039 - Lisa Weinshrott

June 8th, 2018

Today we welcome lighting designer and stage manager Lisa Weinshrott! We go through her journey in lighting design, starting at Millbrook Playhouse to being on the lighting design team and maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Sea. Learn how her and her husband started and run a company, and help high school theatre students grow with Sharp Edge Lighting Design.

Learn more at




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038 - Halei Parker

June 1st, 2018

Today we interview Costume Designer Halei Parker. We cover her time in Allegiance, her work clowning with the Troubador Theater Company, and having to think on her feet in designing with all the changes that come up in putting on a show--and also a special guest dog visit.

Listen to find out about her journey through Costume Design, and why George Takei held the opening of Allegiance in LA.

Find out more about Halei at , Allegiance A new Muscial at , and Troubadour Theater Company

Enjoy the Show!




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