Twins Talk Theatre

Twins Cynthia Hennon Marino and Stacy Hennon Stone host a weekly podcast talking to the people behind the curtains. Take a trip back stage to learn what it takes to put on a production: design process, music study and execution, paperwork, meetings, management, unions, and all the excitement backstage that the audience doesn’t get to see. Enjoy the show!

007 - Kimberly Nicole Wood

October 27th, 2017

Today we welcome Kimberly Nicole Wood, Conservatory Co-Director at Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory! We talk to her about her life in theatre, working with kids in performing arts, Disney, and more!



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006 - Twins - Spaces vs Spaces

October 20th, 2017

Today the twins talk about different performance spaces that they have worked in, and which ones they like the best.

Also, good news! Cindy's new website has been released. Please go to to see more. You can also view Stacy's at .

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005 - Melissa Mollo

October 13th, 2017

Melissa Mollo, of Palos Verdes Performing Arts, joins the podcast today to talk about how she got into the movie industry, and how that trasitioned into theatre. From graphic design, to photography, to twins!



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004 - Jeff Cason

October 6th, 2017

Today we interview Jeff Cason about his life in theatre, new ventures integrating augmented reality and theatre, and his upcoming show "Celebrate! A Fireworks Spectacular". He is a producer, director, and designer and has started the upcoming Sound Stage Live, a new L.A. theatrical experience that brings movie musicals to life by blending live action, immersive 360° projections, and interactivity between the audience's mobile devices and the live show.



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